We Believe in the Power of the Plant

May 8, 2020

The NuSachi Premium Hemp Supply Chain

We Believe in the #poweroftheplant 

It sounds like a great idea, but how do you take a big mission like this and turn it into a world class product?  

NuSachi grew out of a group of people committed to cultivating, crafting, and caring for the “primordial waters (Nu) of bliss (Sachi)” contained in the hemp/cannabis plant.  

These “waters of bliss” are truly remarkable, and we’ve tapped into a great deal of passion, because we truly believe hemp can change the world.  

We also believe in letting the plant “speak”, with the least amount of interference possible. Our goal is always to let each strain, each plant we cultivate, have its own voice in the final product.

So we assembled an eclectic team of leading-edge professionals who share this vision, and got to work. Powerful minds with similar perspectives came together and quickly discovered that we were doing what many others were either unwilling, or unable, to do.  

It turns out, building a fully transparent and traceable premium hemp supply chain is actually hard!

  • It’s hard to get a new supply chain off the ground
  • It’s hard to stay fully transparent from seed to sale
  • It’s hard to start a company during a global pandemic
  • It’s hard to invent and patent new solventless extraction methods
  • It’s hard to grow with consistent, controlled conditions, in Tennessee  
  • It’s hard to pass a full lab panel that meets or exceeds CA and CO standards
  • And it’s easy to take shortcuts, hide the truth, get scared, lose focus.

Doing the right thing creates extra work. It takes grit, determination, and enthusiasm. We’re focused and feeling good because we’re on a mission. And on that mission, what drives us every day is bigger than our products or our process: it’s our people, and our shared values.  

Do The Hard Thing First!

A quick scan of the market over the last few years reveals that a lot of companies have come and gone, rapidly. What separates a flash in the pan from a real long term player?  

Focus on the ones who do the hard things first.  

They quickly discover their own biggest problems, and they overcome them.

It takes grit and hard work.

Our people don’t shy away. We lean in and we overcome.  

Great Inputs = Great Outputs  

They say “you are what you eat”... this is also true for plants! Healthy soil creates a powerful, potent, and pure plant.  

Everything we grow is cultivated with a high degree of care and consideration. We also test all biomass with a full panel that meets or exceeds the highest standards available.

Our proprietary NuSachi SOLAR System insures the highest quality outputs by operating like a Michelin-rated restaurant.

We only let the best ingredients enter our sphere.

It’s About Relationships

Relationships are everything, and for us this starts on the inside.

We follow Elon Musk's rules.

We have a growth mindset and we treat each other like family.  

We also treat our suppliers, customers, clients, and partners this way. #transparency isn’t just for the supply chain; it’s how we do everything. It’s the magnet we use to attract the best people; it’s the gold standard of how we do business.  

Proving the Power of the Plant

Trust and transparency are great, but we also value proof. “Trust but verify”, as the saying goes… so we prove it every time with COA’s and full panel testing.

We’re huge fans of data and analytics, and we believe that proof of potency is great, but it’s not enough.

We also require “proof of purity" on everything.

Interesting in learning more? Book a time to speak with one of our NuSachi Growth Advisors and we’ll walk you through the process.  

People + Process = Product

Our people, our process, the focus on potency and purity, and full transparency, all add up to prove the #poweroftheplant.

Are you looking for a higher level of quality for your hemp or CBD product formulations to grow your business?

Are you tired of having to trust suppliers who can’t provide 3rd party verification, extensive COA’s and full lab panels?  

Fill out the form below and a NuSachi Growth Advisor will be in touch to discuss how we can help you grow your business with premium organic hemp outputs.

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