The Hemp Processing Supply Chain is Changing

June 12, 2020
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The Hemp Processing Supply Chain is Changing...

One of the traits that makes the CBD market particularly unique is that many of those involved - from farmers to scientists to investors - are proverbially building the plane while it’s already in the air.

It’s not for lack of planning or lack of ability, of course. The market is just young and still somewhat unpredictable. 

Perfect example: in 2019, almost overnight, the price of biomass crashed.

Hemp Biomass Buyers and Sellers

Farmers who’d spent the season carefully cultivating crops were suddenly sitting on piles of biomass they couldn’t sell without a loss. 

This unfortunate situation forced many farmers to get even more creative, and find new ways to preserve their assets. 

Some farmers, in an effort to protect their crops as best as they could, attempted to move forward into this supply chain, far beyond where they would normally go: into extraction.

While these farmers might know how to grow hemp, some needed help learning how to grow a business.

Suddenly, an agricultural specialist was having to transition into the role of scientist. And then again into the role of business magnate.

Farmers have always been entrepreneurial of course, and because of that spirit, many of them have embraced this new growth. But when things grow, things also break.

Mistakes are an important part of the learning process, but identifying and fixing them with something as complex as processing and formulation requires expert supervision. 

Many farmers who didn’t already have a background in processing or product formulation quickly discovered that to succeed, they needed help.

CBD Product Formulation

Without training in chemistry and a knowledge of how product formulation works, it’s hard to know what to do with raw material. 

  • They might have a CBD certificate of analysis that only shows potency, but no other analyses for contaminants.
  • They might have unknowingly picked up raw materials with pesticides, heavy metals or other toxins in them. 
  • They might even have read scary stories about other companies selling products with misinformation on what they contain, or facing lawsuits for making what may have been honest mistakes at the time. 

Believe it or not, problems like this are pretty exciting for innovators who enjoy the challenge of finding solutions. That’s where NuSachi comes in: we’re applying a growth mindset to the business growth of key partners across the entire supply chain. 

And at NuSachi, we also have highly-qualified processors on staff who can provide these formulation services. 

You need experts if you want to do this right. You need to hire people who have already mastered the science, the chemistry, and the business growth strategy.

Whether you choose to work with NuSachi or someone else, you’ll definitely want to read up on what to look for in a CBD oil processor.

Are you looking for a higher level of quality and safety for your hemp or CBD product formulations to grow your business?

Are you tired of having to trust suppliers who can’t provide 3rd party verification, extensive COA’s and full lab panels?  

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