The NuSachi SOLAR System™ Explained

May 22, 2020
Clean CBD Oil - NuSachi SOLAR System

Clean CBD Oil

The NuSachi SOLAR System Explained

We set out on a mission to prove the #poweroftheplant with a completely clean supply chain from seed to bottle, and ended up building an entire SOLAR System: a new, proprietary, solventless extraction process in the hemp/cannabis space.  

SOLAR harnesses the power of the plant while managing the entire supply chain to produce a Single Origin Live Active Rosin.  

We like to call it “the plant in a bottle”.  

Our process truly honors what nature has already made perfect, and we capture this with minimal tinkering.

We cultivate, harvest, and process single origin organic plants, treating them with the utmost respect and preserving as much of their natural profile as possible. Our ISO and cGMP certified processing center produces these nutraceutical grade extracts that harness the #poweroftheplant.

Each strain expresses a unique fingerprint of cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes, to create a very specific effect. We have total control over our inputs, which makes it possible to manage quality and safety.

We do this at every step in the supply chain.  

SOLAR is Single Origin.  

Having a single origin strain allows us to work with something truly unique, something that has a voice. We let that voice speak, and we amplify it, as a craft product. With single origin as a basis for processing and formulating, we’re able to put the #plantinabottle with full traceability.

Our genetic laboratory generates premium, precise cultivars. We track every plant from seed or clone all the way through every step of the way. They come complete with grow journals and a daily log of environmental controls and every variable monitored in the cultivation phase. Dates and locations, and all the agronomic details, are included with each single origin plant.

We value (and insist on) traceability, transparency, and safety across our complete supply chain. It starts with cultivation: we grow our own certified organic inputs inside an OMRI certified greenhouse that we manage down to the last detail. This yields an extremely potent and pure flower with very high terpene levels.

SOLAR is Live.  

At harvest, the flower is fresh frozen and then put through a solventless extraction process. This is how we get what’s called “live rosin”: we’re essentially creating an extract from plant material that was never dried or treated with any solvents.

Fresh-freezing preserves the terpene fingerprint so that the extraction literally is the plant's best expression at harvest.

It’s harder to do it this way, but the sacrifice is worth it. When this is done with the highest quality inputs available, the outputs are truly sublime.

SOLAR is Active.  

Once we have the live extract, we activate it using a technique that de-carboxylates key molecules. This activates them so that the endocannabinoid system can receive them more easily, and it also preserves all the aromatics and terpenes that come together to create the fingerprint of the plant.  

Smelling and tasting the final product brings you right back to the source, so you truly are experiencing the #plantinabottle. This is the essence of our mission:

Prove the #poweroftheplant.

SOLAR is a Rosin.  

Most large non-craft manufacturers use solvents and a lot of biomass from different sources to get their extracts. This creates problems because it wrecks the plant’s natural fingerprint, destroying many of the terpenes, aromatics, and cannabinoids in the process. Since rosin is a completely solventless product, we can preserve the #poweroftheplant faithfully, and completely, in our final output.

As any connoisseur will tell you, no strain is alike. As more are produced, their uniqueness is fleeting. When properly harnessed, each strain is very special, and we’ve found rosin to be the best platform for preserving this.  

SOLAR is Craft CBD Oil

SOLAR is truly unlike anything else on the market; the aroma, the way the extract shines in formulation, is very special. We aren’t covering up anything, there’s no artificial flavorings or plant-derived terpenes, essential oils, nothing but the plant itself, honored, preserved, and bottled.

For a taste of this #plantinabottle check out Kat’s Craft Collection (coming soon) and reserve your spot on the waitlist for the next run of SOLAR infused craft CBD before it runs out.  

NuSachi SOLAR System Key Information - Clean CBD Oil

The NuSachi SOLAR System offers a new way to harness unique strains, elevating products that use SOLAR outputs into premium craft rosin products.

Certified organic greenhouse flower production by NuSachi Agriculture in Nashville, TN.

  • Sustainable practices that utilize the sun….when available  
  • A zero waste mentality  
  • Living soils with regenerative sustainability  
  • Organic pest management protocols  
  • Year-round production with the help of cutting edge environmental technology  
  • Complete traceability of plants throughout their life cycle  
  • Unique genetics tailored to specific endocannabinoid responses  
  • Quality focus on cannabinoid and terpene production  
  • Live plant harvests flash frozen at the peak of quality  
  • 3rd party analyses with full panel reporting  

Solvent-free extraction and refinement by NuSachi Processing in Nashville, TN.  

  • Mechanical separation of live resin glands  
  • High pressure and low temperature extract refinement methods  
  • Low temperature cannabinoid activation designed to preserve terpenes  
  • Enzymatic winterization protocols  
  • Further mechanical refinement steps available to isolate cannabinoids and terpenes  
  • Water Soluble application potential  
  • Quality assurance provided by on site analytical laboratory  
  • 3rd party analyses with full panel reporting  

Formulation and Product Manufacturing by Kat’s Natural’s in Dunlap, TN.  

  • Kat’s Kraft line of strain specific collectible tinctures  
  • Formulated with intent  

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